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I Made a Thing Podcast is hosted by Sophia Martine, Business coach and owner of Sophia Martine Business consultancy, where she is joined by guests to discuss topics that impact small business owners and creatives in a fresh, honest, practical and evidence-based way.  

This month we:

  • Introduce you to our newest staff member, Emily Williams
  • Interview a tech savvy senior who uses smart home technology to stay safe & independent
  • Ask you for expressions of interest to host a free tech event at your community centre with complimentary morning tea, prizes and a fun technology focused activity to encourage your clients to embrace technology
  • Share our interview with ABC Radio and
  • Offer ways to stay on top of the latest scams!!

We are growing!

Last month, Emily joined our team.  Emily’s experience working in both real estate and consumer electronics stores has certainly provided her with the knowledge and ability to deal with people from all walks of life. Growing up, she quickly learned how to communicate with her deaf Mum which inspired her to become an Auslan interpreter.  She is passionate about giving deaf people access to language and communication by breaking down the barriers for the deaf community.  She has a particular interest in technology, and the ways in which it can assist both young and old.  In her spare time, Emily loves being outdoors and is an avid roller skater!   What our clients are saying:
“Emily is FABULOUS at breaking things down to senior’s level. A great young woman and an asset to Basic Tech!”  Amasha C, Burleigh

Client story

We recently assisted 81 year old Pam with her Smart Home set up; however Pam also taught us a few things!  Pam uses technology to keep her connected, independent and safe.

Pam received an iPhone from her son one Christmas and just looked at it. She says, “It scared the life out of me but after playing with the device, I eventually learnt how to use it. All of my appointments, contacts and so much more are on my phone and I would be lost without it.”  Pam’s iPhone keeps her connected to her daughter in Switzerland where she gets to watch her grandchildren in the snow via a video call.

In addition to her iPhone, iPad and laptop, Pam describes the Google Assistant as “Amazing” and something she couldn’t live without. She switches on lights remotely to avoid falling in the dark, sets reminders for upcoming appointments and turns off plugs by a simple voice instruction.  She sometimes argues with Google but has a giggle every now and again too and figures things out as she goes along.

Pam has the following advice for any senior who is hesitant to embrace technology:

  • Give it a go even though it can be daunting as it’s a challenge for our brain.
  • Once you get the hang of it and all its uses, you can have fun with it.

Pam volunteers at the local hospital as a “Pink Lady” and also volunteers in the Oncology ward and loves to keep busy!

Would you like Basic Tech to host a free tech event & morning tea at your community centre for your senior clients?

We are taking expressions of interest from aged care providers and retirement communities to host a Basic Tech sponsored morning tea and tech talk with prizes to be won too.  These can be hosted at your community centre in the month of October and will encourage senior clients to embrace technology to maintain their independence, connect with family and friends and stay safe in their own homes.

If you would like us to host a session at your centre, please contact

ABC Radio Interview

Claire was recently interviewed by ABC Radio and will feature on the “Bern Young Saturday Morning Show” mid July.  A copy of the interview will be published on our website once aired.

Scams update & how to protect both yourself and your clients

One of the latest scams doing the rounds is a text claiming to be from the Australian Government offering a free COVID-19 test kit

The messages impersonate the Australian Government, Medicare and myGov. They are designed to access your personal details by encouraging you to click on links to receive free COVID-19 tests.

These links lead to official-looking but fake government websites that try to steal your personal and financial details.

Sign up to receive radar alert emails on the latest scams direct to your inbox to protect both yourself and your clients by clicking here.

Would you be kind enough to leave us a Google review?  It only takes a few minutes and we’d be eternally grateful! Just click THIS LINK to go to our Google Business page and leave us some feedback.

It’s been a busy month for Basic Tech.  We’ve signed new contracts with Home Instead, Wesley Mission Queensland and Co.As.It Community Services.  In addition to this, we’ve exhibited at the Gold Coast Seniors Health & Lifestyle Expo, presented at the Gold Coast Seniors Round Table, supported Parkinson’s research by taking part in “A Lap For Parkinson’s” and continued to assist our local seniors with free technology lessons each Monday.

Gold Coast Seniors Expo

We were proud to partner with Opel Mobile at the recent Gold Coast Senior’s Health & Lifestyle Expo.  Opel Mobile specialize in tech for seniors. Their range and pricing cannot be beaten and their customer service is like no other (all based in Australia too). The products are made with seniors in mind which makes them the perfect choice for clients should they want tech that is simple to use and easy to understand.  Please talk to us if you have a client who is struggling to use a smartphone and needs a simple “mobile phone” instead.

The Gold Coast Seniors Expo is free for seniors to attend. It’s an opportunity for seniors and their families to educate themselves on crucial services and products available to seniors on the Gold Coast. Be sure to join us at the next event!

April was Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Basic Tech attended “A lap for Parkinson’s” an event hosted by Home Instead and Parkinson’s Queensland (a registered charity).  The event, hosted at the Gold Coast Performance Centre was a collaborative initiative focused on raising funds and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease which affects over 130 000 Australians. Assistive technology is available for those with Parkinson’s – from built-in accessibility features (available on most mainstream devices) to physical hardware like a rollermouse and keyguard to assist in fewer typing errors.  Please chat to us if you have a client with Parkinson’s who could benefit from some tech assistance.

Client story

We recently assisted Lorna to set up video calling via WhatsApp to stay in touch with family who live interstate.  Once Lorna’s contacts and device had been set up, we noticed that the pictures and videos on Lorna’s phone were “hazy”.  Upon investigation, we noted the phone that Lorna had recently purchased still had a plastic covering over the camera lens. She was relieved to hear that her vision was not deteriorating and is now taking more photos than ever!  Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

This week is Privacy Awareness Week – focused on protecting your personal information

What foundations can you put in place to protect yours and your client’s personal information?

It’s important that we all take steps to build good privacy habits. Phone scammers regularly target Australians into giving out their personal information.

Follow these tips to protect yourself:

  • Value your personal information and don’t share personal details or sensitive information with people you don’t trust.
  • Investigate and verify the organisation or person requesting any personal information to check its legitimacy. If it looks suspicious, don’t risk it.
  • Update your privacy settings on social media and consider what personal information you’re sharing online.
  • At the very least, use two-factor authentication and strong passphrases to protect your accounts and devices.

Between COVID and the more recent flooding, it’s certainly been a trying time for anyone living in SE Queensland and Northern NSW.  We all know someone who has been impacted by either (or both) of these events and send our strength and best wishes to them all.  Basic Tech Founder, Claire Robinson and her family spent the weekend down in Condong assisting flood victims and the clean up crew by providing healthy packed lunches and refreshments (including beers which went down a treat).  It was truly heartbreaking to see the impact these floods had on so many families however it was also heartwarming to see the number of volunteers who had come to assist those in need.

Keep the following sites on hand to plan and act in an emergency:

Now that COVID has settled down, we have finally been able to run our FREE seniors tech classes once more.   These weekly classes take place at The Rocket in Robina every Monday from 2pm – 3:30pm and are held in the gorgeous offices of OnPlatinum ICT on level 12.  All learners should register their interest via  Here is a short snippet from our very first class:

Did you know that 13.6% of our population lives below the poverty line?  Can you imagine your life without a mobile phone?

At the beginning of the year, Basic Tech partnered with Oppo to give back to the community.  Oppo donated phones and sim cards with prepaid plans whilst Basic Tech donated over 20 hours of time to assisting seniors one on one around the Gold Coast who were doing it tough.

Margaret’s favourite pastime was playing Bridge with friends until Covid restrictions accompanied by her partner’s ill health put a stop to that.  Basic Tech set up an affordable HP Chromebook for Margaret and connected her with an online bridge playing club which she joins on a weekly basis 🎉 The joy on Margaret’s face after she entered the virtual bridge lobby for the first time and took a seat at the virtual table, was priceless.

If you or someone you know needs assistance with technology (mainstream and or assistive) please contact us on 0414 183 382 or

For Gold Coast resident Norma Cumming, being online means she can stay connected with her family with ease.

“I like the fact that I can get in touch with my family so often and so quickly, and can even see them and chat with them on FaceTime, which is just absolutely wonderful because it’s nice to see your children and your grandchildren growing up,” says Norma.

Alongside FaceTime, Norma also uses messaging and email to keep in contact with her family and friends across Australia and England, which she says gives her a sense of freedom and company.

“The fact that wherever I am, I’m not out of reach of anybody – for me this means peace of mind, especially with this coronavirus keeping people apart so much,” says Norma. “[Being online], you feel that your family is there all around you.”

While Norma now says that being online is an everyday part of life, there was a time when she had little knowledge or interest. But when she found herself needing to learn how to use a mobile phone, Norma went to Be Connected digital skills classes at Basic Tech for help.

It was here that Norma found reassurance and support through her Digital Mentor Claire Robinson to get online and do activities like video calling, searching for recipes, and buying and selling online.

“Claire gave us so much encouragement,” says Norma. “She assured us that no matter how old we were, we are still able to master this technology if we want to.”

“It can be harder for us to get a grip on it once we’re older, but once we do, it’s just wonderful.”

With her increased confidence and new digital skills, Norma is now encouraging others to get online and see how it can create possibilities for them.

“Technology is not going to change, it’s only going to go on and on, and get better and better. So if we don’t keep up with it, we lose out.

“It makes life easier and it makes it a lot of fun. It opens up a whole new world.”

Get in on the fun and see how getting online could change your life by attending a Get Online Week event this 18-24 October. Get Online Week is Good Things Foundation Australia’s digital inclusion campaign which sees hundreds of community organisations run COVID-safe in-person and online events to support Australians to get online.

Find a local Get Online Week 2021 event in your area or attend an online event anywhere across the country. Use our event map to find free and friendly support to learn digital skills or call the Good Things Foundation team on 1300 795 897.

basictech celebrated Safer Internet Day on TUESDAY, 09 FEBRUARY 2021. Safer Internet Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the role we can all play in creating a better internet.

On Safer Internet Day 2021 the world came together with a shared vision of making online experiences better for everyone.

The internet is an integral part of the digital lives of many Australians. While their high use of technology offers many benefits, there is also a downside – negative online experiences. This is why is so important to have a conversation about helping young people and children especially stay safe whilst browsing the internet.

Visit to find out how to start the chat at work, at home and in your community.


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