NEWSLETTER – MAY 2022 – Seniors Expo, Parkinson’s Awareness, Online Privacy


NEWSLETTER – MAY 2022 – Seniors Expo, Parkinson’s Awareness, Online Privacy

It’s been a busy month for Basic Tech.  We’ve signed new contracts with Home Instead, Wesley Mission Queensland and Co.As.It Community Services.  In addition to this, we’ve exhibited at the Gold Coast Seniors Health & Lifestyle Expo, presented at the Gold Coast Seniors Round Table, supported Parkinson’s research by taking part in “A Lap For Parkinson’s” and continued to assist our local seniors with free technology lessons each Monday.

Gold Coast Seniors Expo

We were proud to partner with Opel Mobile at the recent Gold Coast Senior’s Health & Lifestyle Expo.  Opel Mobile specialize in tech for seniors. Their range and pricing cannot be beaten and their customer service is like no other (all based in Australia too). The products are made with seniors in mind which makes them the perfect choice for clients should they want tech that is simple to use and easy to understand.  Please talk to us if you have a client who is struggling to use a smartphone and needs a simple “mobile phone” instead.

The Gold Coast Seniors Expo is free for seniors to attend. It’s an opportunity for seniors and their families to educate themselves on crucial services and products available to seniors on the Gold Coast. Be sure to join us at the next event!

April was Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Basic Tech attended “A lap for Parkinson’s” an event hosted by Home Instead and Parkinson’s Queensland (a registered charity).  The event, hosted at the Gold Coast Performance Centre was a collaborative initiative focused on raising funds and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease which affects over 130 000 Australians. Assistive technology is available for those with Parkinson’s – from built-in accessibility features (available on most mainstream devices) to physical hardware like a rollermouse and keyguard to assist in fewer typing errors.  Please chat to us if you have a client with Parkinson’s who could benefit from some tech assistance.

Client story

We recently assisted Lorna to set up video calling via WhatsApp to stay in touch with family who live interstate.  Once Lorna’s contacts and device had been set up, we noticed that the pictures and videos on Lorna’s phone were “hazy”.  Upon investigation, we noted the phone that Lorna had recently purchased still had a plastic covering over the camera lens. She was relieved to hear that her vision was not deteriorating and is now taking more photos than ever!  Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

This week is Privacy Awareness Week – focused on protecting your personal information

What foundations can you put in place to protect yours and your client’s personal information?

It’s important that we all take steps to build good privacy habits. Phone scammers regularly target Australians into giving out their personal information.

Follow these tips to protect yourself:

  • Value your personal information and don’t share personal details or sensitive information with people you don’t trust.
  • Investigate and verify the organisation or person requesting any personal information to check its legitimacy. If it looks suspicious, don’t risk it.
  • Update your privacy settings on social media and consider what personal information you’re sharing online.
  • At the very least, use two-factor authentication and strong passphrases to protect your accounts and devices.
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