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Did you know that roughly 80% of all scams reported to Scamwatch include some form of impersonation? This year the top 3 most reported impersonation scams to Scamwatch were road toll scams, Australian Government impersonation scams, and hi mum/family impersonation scams.

For this reason, Scams Awareness Week 2023 is focusing on impersonation scams.

Basic Tech encourages people to consider who’s really there – to stop, think, and protect themselves from being scammed.

Scams Awareness Week (27 November – 1 December 2023) is an annual campaign that raises awareness about common scams and offers tips on protecting people from scammers. As of 30 September 2023, Scamwatch had received over 230,000 reports of scams, with losses totaling over $397 million.

We have a handy Scams Awareness Info Pack with statistics, tips to spot and avoid impersonation scams, and most importantly, where to get help depending on the scam.

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In this edition:

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and an annual reminder for all Australians to stay secure online.
How we are supporting women in our community to stay safe and sane while embracing technology.
By locking your Facebook profile, people not on your Facebook friends list will only see a limited view of the profile, improving your privacy, security, and safety.
Read our five-star Google reviews.

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In this edition:

Data Breach – the latest data breach affecting Australians and tips on how to recover from a data breach;
Dementia Australia App – how BrainTrack can help your clients;
Client Feedback – Jennifer shares her Basic Tech experience;
Meet the Reilly’s – plant and Apple lovers and honourary members of the Friends of the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens


The end of financial year traditionally means tax time. It is also a busy time for scammers.  
|Common tax scams include robo-calls or calls from people pretending to be from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or another government department. These calls require urgent payment of a tax debt, or request personal information in order to process a tax refund.
Consumers may also be targeted via email or SMS claiming to be from MyGov, including links to follow to provide financial information to receive fake refunds.


Tech-savvy seniors – independent living achieved through proper tech setup and education; 
It’s the little things – custom-made guides for clients and carers; 
Saying no to telemarketing – steps to register yourself and clients on the Do Not Call Register;
In the Spotlight – Beware of ATO scams

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Older couple looking at laptop

Scam Alert: Find out how Basic Tech helped “Eddy” after he was scammed, plus tips and tricks on how to stay safe from scammers;
Radio Interview: Listen to our radio interview with Odyssey Founder and CEO Phil Usher on Radio 4CRB; 
Affordable technology for seniors – tips for being savvy with HCP Funding to get the most out of your client’s budget and
Meet Cora: Cora is a talented, accomplished client who also enjoys Lego! 

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Phil and Claire

In this episode of our podcast, we are thrilled to have Claire, a special guest from Basic Tech, join us. Claire shares her inspiring journey of transitioning from working at Google to providing technology training specifically tailored for seniors.