Meet Our Founder

Claire Robinson

Apart from her family, the two things Claire enjoys most in life are technology and helping others.   She is the “go-to” person for all things tech for both family, friends and her local community.
She’s had the privilege of working with tech giants Google, Apple, Amazon and Electronic Arts and although she thoroughly enjoyed the challenges these companies offered, they didn’t afford her the time to actively “help others”.  In 2019, she registered basictech – a service for people who find technology challenging.  

Since then, basictech has enriched the lives of many by empowering and educating them to embrace technology.

Claire’s Professional Experience and Background in Technology Education

Before immigrating, Claire spent seven years as Marketing Manager for Electronic Arts Inc.  During these years, she volunteered her spare time at The Johannesburg Children’s Home, caring for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) found to be disadvantaged through physical, sexual or emotional abuse, severe neglect or abandonment.  

Once in Australia, Claire’s roles included National Team Leader on the Google Program, Apple Brand Advocate and QLD trainer for Amazon.